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Mission Statement
Quorra is a global marketplace where independent sellers can sell their unique, handcrafted goods or tech items. Where 325 Million unbanked people have previously been out of reach, unable to sell their work to the rest of the world, we provide a way of reconnecting their inspirations and hearts with the rest of us.

Creativity exists everywhere, regardless of economic status or region. We help our community thrive in new ways, turning sellers hobbies into a business while earning more than they could have before. We connect them with millions of buyers using new ways to save
on handmade imaginations. 

Vision Statement
Quorra strives to provide a marketplace that everyone deserves. Empowering sellers to earn more than ever before while doing what they love and customers to save more on items that they'll love.

Changing lives
Instant Payments. Protected Buyers and Sellers.
PayPal is a fast, convenient and familiar way to pay for your new handcrafted items. Shop with confidence knowing that PayPal's extensive Buyer and Seller protections will have your back.

Electroneum (ETN), the world’s fastest cryptocurrency, offers a digital payment ecosystem offers a patented instant payment of crypto, making it ideal for everyday transactions. Verified Sellers get paid instantly when accepting ETN.

PayPal and ETN are HackerOne Trusted and Secure.
Earn. Shop. Save.
With ETN's Cloud Mining, everyone has the potential to earn up to $3 USD per month for Free.

Discounts for Shoppers
  • Buying hancrafted items means no middleman or markups.
  • Pay with ETN and you'll pay less transaction fees and you save more automatically by spending the free ETN earned monthly.

Sellers maximize profits
  • Get featured first on a new marketplace, with less competition than on sites like Etsy.
  • With monthly ETN Rewards, sellers essentially negate our 3% Sale Fee.
  • You get the full profit, while the shopper gets the savings. For example, shoppers that save up their monthly free ETN may pay $30 for an item but it only cost them $10.
  • Many Unbanked sellers can earn around $36 per year Cloud Mining. With just a $60 profit on Quorra, Unbanked sellers have the potential to earn over 30% more annually.
Every Sale Matters
20% of all Fee's collected are donated to Hope for Hearts, helping homeless Ugandan children receive housing, meals and an education.
Hope for Hearts is a registered 501c3.