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Verify Listings

Listings you can trust

Homemade Goods

The item must not be obstructed by the verification code. You must provide images of multiple angles to ensure you have the item in possession, and it's current quality.

Se V3.png

Tech Items

For Tech items, you must provide the Condition of the item, a Description and what is included with the item (ex. original box, power cord).

Digital Items

Place a wordmark of your Verification Code over your digital work, preventing theft of your work, while also displaying your work.

Here's the deal

No Junk

We keep our marketplace safe, so we don’t allow broken items.

This is not a market to sell random, old items you don't want anymore (unless its vintage!).

Every product has listing requirements and an approval process to ensure confident shopping.

Build Trust

We want everyone to shop with confidence.

Other online marketplaces allow for stock photos, leading to scam listings.

If you purchase a phone, you get a phone. Not a rock.

We want everyone to always know that the Seller has exactly what they say they have.

Ignore these rules. Get Removed.

It's that simple.

You get a unique code to verify your items. If you don't, it's removed.

Why Verification Codes?

Every new listing has a unique “verification code” generated by Quorra.

This code must be written on a piece of paper (unless it's a Digital Item) and placed alongside the physical item. By showing the item next to the unique listing code, it proves you (the Seller) have physical possession of the item being sold. This prevents scammers from creating listings for high-dollar items they do not actually have. It also prevents sellers from providing stock photos or photos stolen from someone else’s listing.

Helpful Tips

Item in Full View

Make sure the entire item is visible and in full view, making sure your unique code isn't covering it.

The best way to keep a listing code from obscuring the item is to write the code on the same sheet of paper that you set the item on to take the picture (if possible).

Proper Lighting

Good lighting will help sell your item because it will be easier to see the items quality.

Would you buy something you can't really see?




Unsure Situations

Digital Items: Type your code and place it somewhere on your image. When possible, overlay your code transparently over it.

Large Items: Write the code as big as you can, and place it on your item

When in doubt, write your code in bold and make it easy to read with a clear image of your item.