Low and Fair Fees

Sale Fee

5% Sale Fee
Free to List

Quorra Market

Paid for by the Seller

Payments with PayPal

2.9% + $0.30
Transaction Fee


Payments with ETN


Transaction Fee

Welcoming Unbanked Sellers and Buyers

$0.20 List Fee + 5% Sale Fee
No Unbanked allowed

10% Sale Fee + PayPal Fees
No Unbanked allowed

Flat Fee + PayPal Fees
No Unbanked allowed

Every Sale Matters

20% of our 5% Fee is
Donated to Hope for Hearts

Seller Protections

Verified Items

Sellers must verify their items by using the verification code provided. More details here

This proves the Seller has the item in possession and the quality of the item being sold.

Shared Sale

Once an item is purchased, the Seller and Buyer share a unique Sale Page.

The Seller
must provide Tracking Information.


Once the item is received, both the buyer and seller can verify the item was delivered, by using the Tracking ID that was provided earlier.

The Buyer completes the sale by leaving a
mandatory review.

 In the event there were to be a dispute about the transaction, the seller and Quorra Market would be able to show that the seller had the item, they shipped the item, it was delivered and the buyer did complete the sale and left a review. This is especially beneficial for sellers that find themselves in a PayPal dispute. PayPal provides their own extensive Buyer and Seller protections.

Extra Details

How do fees work on Quorra?
Joining and creating a shop is free. There are two basic selling fees: a sale fee, and payment processing fees.
Once an item is sold,
there is a 5% sale fee automatically paid for by the Seller.
If you accept
PayPal, any payment made will result in a PayPal transaction fee of 2.9% +$0.30. This is non-refundable and is part of PayPal's policy.
If you accept
Electroneum, any payment made will result in a ETN transaction fee of around $0.01. This is non-refundable and is part of Electroneum Ltd's policy.
 How do I get paid? 
On Quorra, Vendors can accept either PayPal or Electroneum (ETN). Funds from your sales are deposited directly to your PayPal account or Electroneum Wallet, set up by you, the Seller/Vendor, in your Shop Account page.