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Community Guidelines
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By shopping on Quorra, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

Quorra is a handcrafted and tech marketplace where independent sellers have the ability to sell their items. We know how important it is for you to shop safely and confidentially, which is why we've created Community Guidelines.

We take violations of these Community Guidelines seriously and may suspend or terminate an Account for ongoing or serious violations. Fraudulent or illegal activity may also be subject to legal action taken. We reserve the right to also edit or remove content on our site that violates these Community Guidelines or if we believe it adversely affects the integrity of the Quorra marketplace or it’s users.


These Community Guidelines are part of our Terms of Service. If you have any questions about these Community Guidelines or if you believe that a user has violated these Community Guidelines, please email us immediately at quorratech@gmail.com.

Sellers must:

1. Comply with local laws, and tax laws at all times.

Quorra is not liable for ensuring compliance and it is the responsibility of the seller for each listing to ensure all local laws, and also tax compliance are met. If you are responsible for charging local taxes on sales, you must also comply with these regulations.

2. Comply with all Market Policies, Terms and Community Guidelines.

Straightforward policies and guidelines that allow your shopping experiences to be fast and simple, while also allowing you to shop safely, confidently and most importantly, happily.

3. European Sellers and VAT (Value Added Tax).

It is every EU seller's responsibility to ensure they are VAT-compliant. If you are required to charge VAT on your items, you need to be VAT registered and you are responsible for paying that VAT to the relevant tax office in accordance with the appropriate laws and regulations.
Important: Quorra is a facilitator of sales. It is the Seller's responsibility. Sellers are not permitted to add VAT to the final item price after a buyer purchases the item. If you are a EU seller and you want to display to customers how much VAT they are paying on the item, you need to specify the VAT rate when you create your listing.


Everyone must:

1. Communicate honestly with others.

Quorra is built upon trust and depends on the honesty, integrity, and best interest of everyone that uses the platform. Only message others with the best intent in mind, do not make false claims, misrepresentations, do not engage in fraudulent activity, and do not willingly be deceitful.

2. Transact honestly and with the intended use of Quorra Market.

Quorra is intended to be a venue, where independent sellers have the ability to sell to anyone in the world. Any transactions that are not intended for this purpose, are misrepresented, have fraudulent intent, or otherwise deemed harmful to either user will be immediately reviewed and if fraudulent, action will be taken by Quorra if deemed necessary. All users and transactions are also applicable to the Terms of Service that is agreed upon by using the platform.