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A direct Buyer to Seller marketplace for one-of-a-kind items
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Changing lives together
This platform empowers creators to do what they love and help buyers find what they love.
Over 1 Billion people have been cut off from the world due to their financial status.

The change starts with You.
Verified Listings
Free to List items
With no listing fees, you have nothing to lose.

More importantly, over 1 Billion can finally list their handmade or tech items on an online marketplace for the first time.
Unique items sold for less
Over 1 Billion people now have the opportunity to sell their unique items.

The unbanked create high-quality items while living in Countries with a lower cost of living. This drastically reduces the cost of the items they create and sell.
Changing lives
On average, the unbanked earn $30 per month, with some earning less. Purchasing an item from someone in an Unbanked region creates a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of their family.

Until now, they were cut off from the world. The change starts with you.
Changing Lives
Every Sale Matters
Helping homeless Ugandan children receive housing, warm meals and an education.
Buyer and Seller Protections
List Free. Earn more.
10% Fee
+ 2.9% PayPal Fee
$0.20 Listing Fee
+ 5% Fee
Flat Fees
+ 2.9% PayPal Fee
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