Changing Lives
Many of the 1.7 Billion Unbanked commonly make around $30 every month. Around 325 Million Unbanked own a smartphone and have access to ETN.
Quorra gives everyone, including the Unbanked, the opportunity to earn significantly more yearly with the acceptance of Electroneum.
The Unbanked
Empowering you. 
With the ETN Reward System, you'll earn up to $3 a month for Free.
*Reward System earnings will vary based upon region.




Annual Revenue (AR)

AR + ETN Rewards




Annual Revenue Increase




This is only an example of ETN Reward earnings. ETN Reward earnings will vary.

Earn more than ever before.
An Unbanked person earning a total of only $60 profit from handmade goods on Quorra, has the potential to earn as much as a 30%* increase in annual revenue.




Current Annual Revenue

Annual Revenue Increase




AR + ETN Rewards + Quorra Sales




*This is only an example of potential earnings on Quorra Market. Every individual's sale earnings will vary.

Benefits for All
Handmade Goods
Tech Devices
We help our community thrive in new ways, turning sellers hobbies into a business while earning more than they could have before. We connect them with millions of buyers using new ways to save on handmade imaginations. 
Save big on high-quality items
Independent sellers creating handcrafted goods means no middleman. You get the best deal on unique items that you'll never find in a store.
Every sale contributes to Hope for Hearts
Quorra donates 20% of all Sale Fees to Hope for Hearts . Every sale helps homeless Ugandan children receive housing, warm meals, and an education. Learn more here.
Grow your customer base
As the Unbanked continue to join Electroneum, there will be more people looking to spend their free ETN from Cloud Mining, sellers that earned ETN on Quorra or those earning ETN locally. This widens your customer reach and increases your revenue.
Everyone can earn rewards daily
With ETN Rewards, everyone has the potential to earn around $3 USD or more every month for Free.
Shoppers can save money, while Sellers get the full profit, as the discount comes from the rewards that are spent by the Buyer.
Verified Lisitings you can trust
Shop confidently, knowing that the seller has what they say they have at a glance. We approve every listing with our verification code system, so you never have to worry.
Once a sale is made, tracking information is provided by the seller. When it arrives, the buyer completes the sale by leaving a review. Building greater trust for sellers, leading to even more success.
Want a Bonus?
Refer a Friend and you'll both get a Reward.
You will earn a 5% reward bonus for referring someone, and they'll earn a 1% bonus too!
How To Earn a ETN Reward Bonus:
Open the Electroneum App > More > Referral Program > Enter your Friends code or AC5A66



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