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No effect on Battery Life or Data Usage. You just receive the Free ETN monthly!
The more ETN you save up, the larger your Discount will be.
Customer's earn up to $3 a Month for Free. Pay with ETN to use your discount!
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A revolutionary new digital payments ecosystem.
  • Receive free ETN every month
  • Instant Payment technology
  • Most secure and greenest blockchain technology
  • Millions of users worldwide
  • Airtime/Data Top Ups in Africa, Turkey, Brazil
Why ETN?
The first Crypto to join the GSMA
The GSMA is an Association that represents the interests of Mobile Network Operators worldwide.
ETN is also a GSMA Intelligent Customer Advisory Board member
The first Crypto to become Know Your Customer compliant
Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering compliance is mandated to operate in the Business world, as it creates trust. KYC/AML is what will allow Electroneum to reach hundreds of millions of users.
147 Countries mandate KYC to own even a Pre-Paid SIM card.
HackerOne Secure
Electroneum is HackerOne tested, safe and secure.
The US Department of Defense has a contract with HackerOne.
Fastest growing Cryptocurrency in the world.
Electroneum currently has over 3 Million registered users. ETN had hit the 1 Million mark faster than Facebook received their first 1 Million users.
ETN's goal is Mass Adoption and to have over 300 Million registered, and active, users.
You will earn a 5% reward bonus for referring someone, and they'll earn a 1% bonus too!
How To Earn a ETN Reward Bonus:
Open the Electroneum App > More > Referral Program > Enter your Friends code or AC5A66
Want a Bonus?
Refer a Friend and you'll both get a Reward.
Earn More Than Ever Before
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