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Market Policy
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By shopping on Quorra, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

Buyer and Seller Communication

Quorra provides the ability for buyers and sellers to communicate. These methods may include public comments, private messaging, or providing information for direct contact via email.

  • The Seller is responsible for providing reasonable support for any issues related to the item sold. The Seller is not responsible for providing technical support beyond troubleshooting issues related to activation and standard operation of the device. If assistance is needed, there are multiple outlets that can assist with those operations online.

Sale Fulfillment

The Seller is obligated to fulfill a sale with the buyer. Quorra will monitor all sales to ensure completion of the sale.

No Broken Items
We do not allow Broken Items on the Quorra as we want to keep this marketplace safe. If a broken item is listed, it will be removed.

Seller must Verify their Product Lisiting
Upon listing an item, a code is generated for this item. This code is to be used when taking pictures of the item being sold. The main image used when listing does not need to have the verification code, but you must have mulitple photos taken of your item with the verification code. It is a simple and fast verification but is necessary. If this is not done within 24 Hours, the listing is removed.

Seller must  provide Tracking Info to both Buyer and Quorra
When a sale is made, the Buyer and the Seller have access to an individual Sale Page. On this Sale Page, the Seller must provide the tracking ID information.

Buyer must  provide a Review and Complete the Sale
When a sale is made, the Buyer must leave a Review for the Seller. This is to provide feedback to the Seller, as well as provide the Seller as well as the Buyer with Sale Protections. These Sale Protection can then be used by Quorra in the event that a siuation should arise.

We don't moderate the feedback that buyers leave for sellers unless the content in the feedback is abusive (false summary of the sale, sharing personal information about the seller, etc.) or inappropriate (contains profanity, name calling, or personal attacks). However, we do ask buyers to leave a comment on any sales when an issue arises instead of jumping straight to leaving poor feedback. This will ensure the seller is first allowed a chance to address the problem before they're given a negative review.

Shipping Policies

Standard shipping policies apply to all Quorra sales.

  • Sellers are expected to ship within three business days of receiving payment.

  • Standard shipping costs (ground shipping with tracking and insurance in the same country) should be included in the listed price.

  • Seller may use the shipping method of its choice so long as the shipping method offers reasonable transit times and a valid tracking number that can be provided to the buyer at the time the product is shipped.

  • Seller must provide details, such as shipping tracking data, including carrier and tracing number, to buyer and Quorra Market.

Sale Voidance

Quorra Market sales are binding. However, in the event of the following circumstances they may be void:

  • The Seller may void a sale if full payment is not received from the Buyer.
    If using ETN, understand that payment may take some time to enter your Wallet Balance. If you see "Instant Payment Notification" in your Notification status, then the ETN Payment has been made and you will receive that payment.

  • The Seller may void a sale if the Buyer does not meet stated, required criteria for buying.

    • If the seller advertises US-only shipping and the buyer is in a different country, the seller may void the sale unless the Buyer and Seller communicate beforehand and the Buyer will pay for the extra shipping costs.

    • If the seller requires a PayPal confirmed address and the buyer does not have one, the seller may void the sale.

  • Seller may void a sale if the buyer requests unreasonable shipping methods (e.g. overnight shipping).

  • Seller may not void a sale because they forgot to include shipping costs, as the list price can be adjusted.

  • Seller may void a sale if they suspect fraud on the part of the buyer. If this occurs, the seller must notify Quorra Market.

  • Buyer may void a sale and request a refund if the seller does not comply with Sale Fulfillment policies.

  • Buyer may void a sale and request a refund if the seller does not comply with Sale Fulfillment policies.

Returns and Refunds

Sellers are urged to outline return policies for their listing. All return policies must comply with Quorra's site-wide policies.

  • If an item is received not as described the buyer shall be entitled to a refund.

  • Sellers should refund promptly for returned items after received.

  • Quorra will refund sale fees to buyers when a sale is voided due to fault of the seller or Quorra.

  • If an item is received as advertised, but the buyer wishes to return, known as "buyer's remorse", the seller is not obligated to accept a return except in compliance with the stated voluntary return policy. However, in this case any refund for "buyer's remorse" situations should be less any fees already incurred by the seller. Quorra sale fees are not refundable in these situations.

  • Refunds are subject to PayPal's refund policies and limitations.

  • Buyers are eligible for Free Returns per PayPal's refund policies, with a PayPal Purchase from the US only. Read More

Shipping Costs on Returned Items

When an item is to be returned either the buyer or seller will pay return shipping costs, depending on Quorra's analysis.

  • If an item is received in an unusable state (e.g. is broken or cannot be activated) and must be returned, the seller is responsible for reimbursing return shipping costs to the buyer to remain in good standing.

  • If an item is returned due to a disagreement in the condition of a device (e.g. good vs. fair), contact Quorra and we will determine who should be responsible for the Return Shipping cost

  • Returned items should be shipped with proper tracking and insurance for the buyer's protection.