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No Listing fee

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Sale Fee

PayPal Transaction Fee

2.9% + $0.30

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ETN Transaction Fee

Around $0.01

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When you sell an item, there's a small sale fee and standard payment processing fees
may apply, depending on payment type.

Automatic deposits
Buyer protection
Seller protection

Free to List
+ 3% Fee
*Additional PayPal Fee for PayPal payments only.
10% Fee +
2.9% PayPal Fee
$0.20 Listing Fee +
5% Fee
Flat Fees +
2.9% PayPal Fee
Last Updated October 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Sale Matters

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How do fees work on Quorra?

Joining and starting a shop on Quorra is free. There are two basic selling fees: a sale fee, and a payment processing fee with PayPal only. If a sale is made with ETN as the payment of choice, ETN only takes around $0.01. So essentially there is only one fee; the selling fee.

Once an item sells, there is a 3% sale fee on the sale price. If you accept PayPal, any payment made will result in a PayPal transaction fee of 2.9% +$0.30. This is non-refundable and is part of PayPal's policy.

How do I get paid?

On Quorra, you can accept either PayPal or ETN by Electroneum.

Funds from your sales are deposited directly to your PayPal account or Electroneum Wallet, set by you in your Shop Account page.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

Its free to open a Shop on Quorra. Create an account, if you don’t already have one, set your shop location and set up your payment info for PayPal and/or ETN. Choose a shop name, create a listing, and you're all set!

How does Quorra protect sellers?

Quorra protects sellers in a number of ways. Once an item is purchased, the seller and buyer both receive a unique Sale page, created just for that individual order. On this page, the Seller inputs the items Tracking ID information. Once the item is received, the buyer completes the sale by leaving a review.

If there were to be a dispute about the transaction, the seller and Quorra would be able to show that the seller did send the item, it was delivered and the buyer did complete the sale. This is especially beneficial for sellers that find themselves in a PayPal dispute.

PayPal provides their own extensive
Buyer and Seller protections.

What can I sell on Quorra?

Quorra provides a marketplace for crafters and artists to sell their handmade creations, vintage goods and tech items, either handmade or official devices.
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Hope for Hearts Donations

20% Donated per Sale

20% of our 3% Sale Fee is donated to Hope for Hearts

The orphan crisis in Uganda

Uganda has an orphan crisis with 2.5+ million children. An estimated 1.2 million children have been orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

These children live in severe poverty and lack money to attend school. Uganda does not have free public schools, therefore it is a pay to educate system. Many children want to learn, but have no means.










Poverty to prosperity through education

Hope for Hearts currently works with two schools, St. Elizabeth Academy Uganda and Kankobe Children’s Home, guiding more than 450 children annually through their personal resurrection.

No longer do these children have to beg on the streets, wondering where their next meal will come from or if they’ll have a warm place to sleep at night, free from the elements.

The safety, security, and stability that thrse schools offer, bring a new vigor to the student’s lives so that they are free to grow and continue in their personal resurrection until they are able to independently provide for themselves.

Helping thousands of orphaned children

Helping orphaned children of many ages, from infants to 21 year olds. Education is at the heart of Hope for Hearts work, providing children a strong foundation to a self-supporting future.

They have a strong desire to educate themselves so they can have a productive and self-reliant future. Children not participating in one of the vocational programs, attend Ugandan Schools. In addition, all children receive food, shelter, counseling, spiritual development, social and life skills classes.

Training programs include Seamstress, Culinary and Hospitality. Around 100 students graduate every year, with skills that can lead them to a better life.






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20% of our 3% Sale Fee is donated directly to Hope for Hearts

Every single Sale made on Quorra, however small or large, whether it's paid with Electroneum or PayPal, contributes to our Donations to Hope for Hearts.

By joining our community market, you'll experience positivity across the board.

  • Shoppers recieve the best prices on unique handcrafted goods and tech items.

  • Buyers recieve the highest value, with a chance to change their lives.

  • Every sale helps children transform their lives, by moving out of poverty into a home with warm meals, and recieving an education. Learning skills that will prepare them for a much better life.