Verified Listings
Simple and effective anti-fraud measure used by Quorra to keep the marketplace safe. This code and photo-based system provides proof that the seller actually has the item being sold.
Building Trust
We fight fraud so you never have to worry.
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On Quorra, we want everyone to shop with confidence. Other online marketplaces, they allow for stock photos which leads to scam listings. We want everyone to always know that the Seller has exactly what they say they have.
No Junk
We keep our marketplace safe, so we don’t allow broken items. This is not a market to sell random, old items. Every product has listing requirements and an approval process to ensure confident shopping.
How to take a Verification Photo
When you create a lisitng, the unique code is the “verification code” generated by Quorra.

By showing the item next to the unique listing code, it proves you (the Seller) have physical possession of the item being sold. This prevents scammers from creating listings for high-dollar items they do not actually have. It also prevents sellers from just providing stock photos or photos stolen from someone else’s listing.

For Tech items: Below, note how each photo shows the device with
screen on or at an angle to show the screen condition.
  • The image should display the entire item (For Tech: the Screen must be on, unless Brand New in-box)

  • The listing code should be displayed next to the item, written on a piece of paper (it must not be digitally added to the photo)

  • The listing code should not obstruct a clear view of the item

  • At least 2 photos from different angles of the item with the code must be taken 

Remember that these verification photos serve multiple purposes. The first is to ensure trust and confidence in potential buyers. They know you have the item and they can see the items true condition without any doubt. By extension, this increases the credibility of the seller. Wouldn't you buy something from someone you can trust?

The more credible the seller is, along with seeing the items true quality, will result in your item to be sold more quickly.

When you take your verification photos, use these tips to take a great photo.
How to take a great verification photo
The item is fully visible
Make sure the entire entire item is visible and in full view. Also ensure the listing code does not cover the item. The best way to keep a listing code from obscuring the item is to write the code on the same sheet of paper that you set the device on to take the picture (if possible).
Use proper lighting
Good lighting will help sell your item because it will be easier to see the items quality. Would you buy something you can't really see?
Verification Code in large, clear text
As we mentioned earlier, the easiest way to do this is to write the code on the same sheet of paper that you set your item on (if possible). Use a black or blue pen on light colored paper. A large black marker is best but any other type of thick marker will work well.  Write large and clear so it can be easily read. The easier it is to read the code, the more trustworthy your listing will be.
Large items
Any sized item is welcome on Quorra, but you still need to have that verification code. In the case that you are selling a large item, you should write the code as large as you can on paper. 
In this case, we understand that you may have to place the paper on a small part of the item, therefore covering some of the item. All we ask is that you take multiple photos of your item with the code.
Digital Items
Digital Items are also welcome, but they also still need to have that verification code. In the case that you are selling a digital item (ex. Digital Print) you may place the code digitally onto your images. When doing so, you may have some of your images use the code or Shop name as a watermark, if you wish.
This is to make sure that nobody can steal your digital work and call it their own.
Tech Listings
All of the same rules apply. There are only a few extra conditions.

Example: Digital Print with digital verification code

Example: Digital Print with watermark

Criteria for Sale
  • Fully functional, including all buttons, ports, and battery

  • Ready to activate. Not reported lost, stolen, or blacklisted

  • No cracked glass or water damage

  • No outstanding balance or EIP (money owed to carrier

Device Quality
If you have a device that you're selling that has minor damage, don't try to cover it up. In fact, many people don't mind gently used devices. However, if you do lie about your devices condition, not only will it affect your review but it may lead to Quorra removing your Account.

In your Description, you must write the condition of your device.

This guide will help you understand your devices qualifying condition:


  • Pristine condition, no signs of wear and tear

  • Power cord/charger not required

  • Retail packaging and manuals not required


  • Excellent condition, minor wear and tear

  • Power cord/charger not required

  • Retail packaging and manuals not required


  • Noticeable wear and tear

  • Power cord/charger not required

  • Retail packaging and manuals not required


  • Unopened retail packaging (if sealed)

  • Never used (if not sealed from the factory)

Verification photo for New/Factory Sealed Box Devices
  • The verification photo should display the sealed box next to the listing code

  • Required: An additional photo showing the intact seal on the box

  • For new products that are not factory sealed, a photo showing the box’s contents is required, and the product should not be powered on


Example: New In-Box 


Example: New Factory Sealed